Sunday, June 13, 2010

Creative Silence

Rainy weekend on Skater, which I've spent working on my talk for Thursday's Launch. Yesterday's "Creativity and Silence" seminar in Manchester was great. So empowering to spend the day with other writers and Anne Le Claire is a great one, as well as a terrific teacher. Many eye-openers for me over the course of the seven hours, not the least being her discussion about how choosing to "be in silence" redirects energy inward, increasing creative drive. Maybe that's why I get so much work done out here the boat!

Another rejection for Matinicus came in this past week. Just threw it in the box, which is now quite overfull, and sent out another ms. I've been through this so many times now, I don't even feel the sting of it anymore (well, maybe a little). After all, Hunter Huntress was rejected almost 40 times before it found a home...

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