Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Those Post Partum Manuscript Blues

Afraid I've been a bad corespondent of late, having been holed up in my writer's woodshed the last 6 weeks or so while I finalized the edits to Reese's Leap—the second book in my Island Mystery series due out in March of 2013. Everything else left to go to hell in a hand basket, I'm afraid. Well, I'm happy to report the manuscript is finally finished and has been shipped off to my copy editor. Thought I'd be elated but I'm feeling kind of down. I miss my characters already—Gil (with all his excesses and obsessions), Duggan (Gil's best friend whom I've just introduced in this book but plan to bring along into book three) Pete (not much to like there, I'm afraid, but oh, don't we love to hate him), and the lovely Island Women with whom Gil and Duggan find themselves stranded on remote Mistake Island during a week of unrelenting fog. Still, it's nothing that throwing myself into some major marketing work won't cure, not to mention there's always book three to gt started on!

Be sure to check back on December 19th, when I'll be part of a Blog Hop, answering some intriguing  questions about the Maine Island Mystery Series and giving you my tips for some great authors to follow!

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